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Ewan is this story’s hero. In a world where there are lots of heroes wandering the world searching for evil to destroy, this is nothing out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t mean Ewan is not. He’s not too bright, but even though he’s still in training, he’s a talented Fire Mage. Ewan ran away from the orphanage he was raised to join the forces of good in their fight against evil. Ewan used to have a heroic cape, but dropped it as it constantly caught on fire from his magic attacks.
First appearance: #004 – Enter Ewan


Ross is the second hero of the story. When he was little boy his mother disappeared, which caused his father, Garcia, to turn to alcohol. Because of this, Ross had to take care of himself, and might seem older than he really is. Ross has always had a secret dream of fighting in a tournament, and finally he got his chance.
First appearance: #015 – Vocabulary

ephraimportraitEphraim is the prince of Renais, and Eirika’s older brother. He is a one of a kind fighter, and it has been said that nobody can match his skill with a lance. Ephraim has a really morbid sense of humour, and like to scare the people he meets on his adventures.

First appearance: #018 – Prince and Princess


valterportraitValter is a cold-hearted devil who only lives for the pleasure of causing people pain. He is a general in the Grado army, though nobody knows how he got the position. Valter is a highly feared Wyvern Knight. He enjoys making people suffer and crawl in agony. The only reason he doesn’t go on a killing spree is because then he would miss his chance if a war was to break out. Behind the scenes he is a sly person with a secret plan he is planning to execute during the tournament.
First appearance: #022 – The sentence that must never be said

Hawkeye is the self-proclaimed guardian of the Jehanna desert, like his father before him. When   Hawkeye’s father died he left him with the talking axe, Axel, which later was to become his closest friend. He also has a friendly pet Gwyllgi named Gwen following him everywhere he goes.
First appearance: #032 – Enter Hawkeye

Zoldam is the arch enemy of Hawkeye. As Hawkeye has sworn protecting the desert that also ment protecting people against the wolves roaming Jehanna. Zoldam offered to protect them in exchange for the wolves to make him their king. All the wolves follow him blindly, because if they don’t, he’ll leave them with Hawkeye. Zoldam’s magic attacks is really weak. His only strength is his teleportation magic, and this makes him nearly unreachable, as he can teleport wolves anywhere he likes, and his foes out of reach. He is highly intelligent and manipulating, which makes him a dangerous enemy.
First appearance: 050 – Enter Zoldam

Lucius is Ewan’s dedicated teacher from the orphanage. When Ewan ran away, Lucius followed him. As a monk, he uses Light Magic, but can as a special talent use staves. Because of his feminine appearance he is often mistaken for a girl.
First appearance: #005 – Runaway Ewan


Garcia is Ross’ drunk excuse for a father. With his wife sudden disappearance, he turned to alcohol, leaving his son to take care of them both. He is a huge coward, and won’t hesitate to run away if any kind of danger is indicated. He is rarely visiting home, and when he does, it’s mostly because he is hiding after something he did while drunk.
First appearance: #015 – Vocabulary

eirikaportraitEirika is the princess of Renais and the sister of Ephraim. She is a highly caring person, who dislikes fighting, but still does her part of fighting evil monsters for the good of her people. She is pure of heart and loved by her people.
First appearance: #018 – Prince and Princess

axel-portraitAxel is Hawkeye’s talking axe, with the worst puns you’ll ever hear coming from a weapon. Axually, he has the only puns you’ll ever hear from a weapon.
First appearance: #036 – In the Heat of Battle

Merlinus is a traveling merchant. He used to sell capes to Ewan before The Scarfed Summoner was born. He is a coward by nature, and won’t hesitate to escape any kind of danger unless there is big profit to be earned by it. Merlinus is the best known merchant in the land.

First appearance: #008 – Merlinus the Merchant

Gwen is a banished Gwyllgi from Zoldam’s army of wolves. Because of her blue eyes and friendly behavior, she was never accepted into the pack. When Hawkeye beat one of the wolves who hated her the most into a pulp, she decided to join him instead of Zoldam.
First appearance – 047 – Ewan Makes a Move


Nino is an old classmate of Ewan from the orphanage. She is extremely shy, but nevertheless an excellent mage.

First appearance: #005 – Runaway Ewan

Rebecca is an old classmate of Ewan from the orphanage. She is an archer.

First appearance: #005 – Runaway Ewan

The Narrator
narratorDon’t mind him. He’s just the narrator.

First appearance:#001 – Kanji Confusion


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