069 – Old Friends

069 - The Day Before the Tournament09

I don’t think I’ve ever really explained Lucius’ orphanage. At the end of Eliwood’s tale in Fire Emblem 7 Lucius has this ending: “Lucius lived a modest life in a remote corner of Araphen. He built a small orphanage, where he now cares for helpless children.
The whole idea of the orphanage is based on this. I needed a place for Ewan to run away from, and an orphanage seemed like a nice solution. Originally I was planning on Saleh following him, as he is Ewan’s teacher in The Sacred Stones, but he was swapped with Lucius when I got the idea of an orphanage. Back then Rebecca and Nino were only cameos as Ewan’s old classmates. I’ve always wanted to bring them back. I’m still not quite sure what their roles will be in the tournament, but I’ll figure something out.

Oh, and the results of the poll are in:  With a two vote difference, the comics will stay in the larger size.  Not to worry, though. If you download the comic to your computer (right click+save image as) they will be saved in their original sizes.


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