066 – Useless Protests

066 - The Day Before the Tournament06

I started thinking about summer vacation today, and what will happen with the comic during that time. I most likely won’t work that much on it, as I’m planning on spending nearly the whole summer with my girlfriend. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t give you updates. When that time comes I’ll see how many comics I have finished, and reschedule the updates. This means the comic might update five days a week, three days a week or not change the schedule at all. It all depends on how many comics I’ll have ready at that time. I’ll let you know of course.

I’m not like most other webcomic authors. Instead of making a comic the day before an update, I often makes them weeks in beforehand (I actually made #088 today). This means that if something should come up (like important exams) I don’t have to abort my normal update schedule. The two weeks where I ran fillers were mostly to get ahead on the comics while having my five mock exams. Thank you for staying with me during that time (or for coming back when the fillers ended).

Don’t forget to vote for the comic size. A sample of a smaller comic can be found below the poll.

066 - The Day Before the Tournament06


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