061 – Heading for Renais

000 - Chapter 4061 - The Day Before the Tournament01

The first comic of the tournament chapters is a GIANT ONE (bet you didn’t already know that)!
For those of you just joining: This comic originally ran as thirteen fillers in a two week period I used to catch up with school and such. During that time I each day gave the readers behind the scenes information about the different characters. The news posts below is copied from the original filler posts. As a bonus, here is a map showing you where all the characters are in the world. As the title says: Almost every character on the map is heading for Renais, where Ephraim and Eirika already are.


Filler 01: Ewan
For the first time ever: A one-framed filler. I don’t like making such small comics, and I’m sorry to say that several of the fillers will be as short as this one, but considering it’s really all small parts of a giant comic, I hope I’m making up for it.  Among the fillers there are five comics with a single frame, three comics with two frames, one three-framed, three four-framed comics and one with six frames. Some of them don’t even have a punchline. It’s a shame, but I need the time off to get my exams finished, and in the mean time find the time to make a story that won’t bore you to tears. I believe it’s better to have two weeks of fillers rather then random filler comics in the middle of the story. The story will begin May 12th. Come back then if you hate fillers. Oh, and the Cast page has been updated again.

Also today: My girlfriend and I have been together four months. Wait, you don’t care.

Filler 02: Ross
*cough*Spaceballs ripoff*cough*

I’ve always wanted to do this:

Filler 03: Amelia
See? This one is missing a punchline, but it’s a cool picture, so I’m okay with it. I might use it for something else later. For today’s filler we have five new characters, all heading for the Renais Tournament.
Let’s start with these three, before they’ve outrun us. Matthew, Chad and Cath are probably the youngest participants in the tournament. They are there to prove that even kids can win a tournament. They are skilled thieves, able to pick a lock in a matter of seconds.

Watching them from the hill is Legault and Amelia. As I’ve mentioned before, Amelia is planned as one of the main characters (she is in the banner). Even though her appearance might suggest the oposite, she is a mean girl with a sarcastic personality. This comes from spending too much time with an idiot like Legault. Which brings us to him: Legault is probably the luckiest man ever to have lived. He sees himself as a superhero destinied to rid the world of evil. This makes him take really stupid decisions, but is almost always saved by his incredible luck.

Check back tomorrow for my personal favorite team.

Filler 04: Knoll
Just came home from watching the new X-men movie. It. Is. Awesome!

Now, as I mentioned yesterday. These three are my favorite team, and they will have something to say for the plot in the chapters after the tournament (yes, I started planning already).
Knoll, Oswin and Wade is a team determinated on winning the tournament. They are a team well-balanced between strength and magic. While Knoll and Oswin have a somewhat cold personality, Wade is throughout stupid. Knoll is their leader, but while Wade follows him blindly, Oswin is highly jealous of Knoll’s title and feels it should be his.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow is another cool team (and some plot).

Filler 05: Lloyd
Well, this one’s not funny at all. How sad.

You might remember from a couple of weeks back, when Ephraim adviced Eirika to hire some extra guards? Well, she followed the advice, not just by hiring guards, but by sending out for a elite team famous for their sword skills.

The three sword masters are the leaders of the Lloyd Academy, a training institution for everybody who wants to learn the way of the sword. The school is funded by the payment Lloyd and his team gets for various missions, like the one they just got from Eirika. Lloyd is a honorable man. He often help villagers without charging payment, and he never accepts a mission if he doesn’t approve of the ethical value. He never treat anyone as his minions, but rather as his teammates. Karla and Carlyle is his most trusted masters.

Check back tomorrow for the return of Rebecca and Nino.

Filler 06: Lucius
And so Nino and Rebecca are heading for the tournament as well. Why? I’ll explain later (actually that’s planned for #069).

I don’t have much to say about these two. They are Ewan’s old friends from Lucius’ Orphanage. Nino is a shy mage, and Rebecca is her trustful friend.

Filler 07: Glass
In contrast to Legault, Glass might be the unluckiest man in the world. He is a hardworking, goodhearted guy, but is constantly held back from what he deserves as the gods seem to hate him.

We’re halfway through the fillers. Tomorrow Valter makes an reappearance.

Filler 08: Valter
What is Valter’s plan? That and more will be revealed in the tournament.

Filler 09: Lute
Ah, next up is Arthur and Lute. I could of course make up new characteristics for them, but they actually have such interesting personalities in the game I decided to stay true to the original game for once.
Lute and Arthur spent their whole life living in a house of their own. While Arthur made it livable, Lute was constantly reading about the outside world. She is planning on entering the tournament because she is sure the techniques and facts she learned from her books will help her win. Arthur is a guy who’s become nervous and insecure due to Lute constantly testing various things she read. Even though she often puts him in dangerous situations, Arthur feels a responsibility for Lute, and keeps looking after her no matter what.

Filler 10: Gerik

Gerik portraitMarisa portrait
Ever heard of Gerik? Well, you have now. After traveling the continent for years, killing undead and other monsters while asking people to spread his rumor in return Gerik built up a huge reputation. Today he’s the most famous hero in all of Magvel. Everybody knows him and everybody loves him. When he heard there was a tournament being arranged for the heroes of Magvel, he naturally had to go. After many years of fame he decided to train a descendant. In a contest for all the people willing to become his student, the young girl Marisa emerged victorious. She’s a quick learner, skilled with the sword, faithful to her master, and she might one day be able to surpass him.

Only three more fillers to go. Tomorrow we’re headed for Friela.

Filler 11: Innes
No character images today, I’m afraid. In lack of interwebz I had to borrow a computer without my sprites. Luckily I uploaded the filler comic a couple of days ago. I won’t miss an update.

The character on the right is Innes, the future king of Friela. Ever since something that happened when they were kids, Innes has held a grudge against Ephraim, and concider himself as his rival. The girl in the middle is Tana, his sister. and the girl on the right is Vanessa, Tana’s personal bodyguard and best friend.

Only two to go. Tomorrow’s filler takes us out to the sea.

Filler 12: Dart
Have I mentioned there is a big reward for winning the tournament? Being short on rum and meat, the final two non-wanted men of his crew, Dart and Geese, were sent to win the tournament and bring back the price.

Filler 13: Ephraim
I’m not sure if I made it totally clear what is happening here, as Ephraim’s spear is really thin, so I’ll just tell you. It’s Ephraim summoning his spear. I don’t want to say any more than that, because I plan on including it in the story. What I WILL tell you about is the guy on the left, Moulder. There is not a single person in the Renais Royal Family who doesn’t trust him with their life. He is the teacher of Ephraim and Eirika, and back in the day he tought the king himself. He is trusted, he is kind, he is knowledgable, he is Moulder.

And that’s it. Tomorrow the comic will resume, and I will delete the fillers, as comic #061 is a collection of all the thirteen fillers. The newsposts from these two weeks will be gathered, so that everybody can ignore them a second time. The tournament is only a day away. See ya tomorrow.


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