054 – From the Sideline


Hopefully I won’t have to use the scream bubble anymore. The chapter is near an end, and the tournament chapters are next. As I wrote two posts back, my final exams are coming up, which means I at some point is bound to miss an update. I just hope it doesn’t happen to often, cause missing an update can be really demoralizing.

Something I’ve noticed about my comic is the fact that I tend to focus more on the story than the humor. I always have a punchline in the end of each comic, but as it’s a ongoing series it might be harder for new readers to get into the story. Also it might not be as fun to read a random comic, as you’ll find yourself in the middle of a chapter. When I started the comic I originally intended it to be a parody, but as my love for Dragon Ball and other Shonen Manga has influenced me, story will at most times come before humor.

I’m not really that good at making good plots either. Most of the time I come up with the story as I make it. The tournament is still just a bunch of ideas, which I’ll be able to start bringing to life in a week or so. I have a vague idea on how it’s supposed to go, but what happens on the way has yet to enter my mind.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments, or try contacting me. Stay tuned, the tournament is almost here.


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