052 – Leaving Like a True Villain


The ‘pack of wolves’ haven’t moved in three days. Only a sign of my laziness.

My exams are coming up. This means I might not always get the time to work on the comic. The daily updates is still in the experimenting state to see if I can pull it off, even in the middle of exams. I like doing the comic, and it would be sad to miss an update. I’m really looking forward to start working on the tournament, and I have found an idea which might come as a happy surprise for the players of The Sacred Stones.

Yesterday, my comic turned two months old. As a celebration, here is a sneak peak of what Valter will look like when he’s not riding his wyvern:
This picture is already at the Cast page, but not many people read it, so here it is again. When I published the list of the participants, two of them could be recognized as Pegasus Knights. They too will become legged and mountless. My sprite editing skills aren’t that great.  They might look bad, they might look good, I won’t know until I try.


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